Optiview has been in the security industry for well over 20 years. We provide expertise and equipment to resellers and installers all over the U.S. from Maine to California to Puerto Rico. Our extensive experience with CCTV installation and service provides a practical and cost effective viewpoint for us to serve you better.

The Optiview Team

Optiview’s strength is a keen understanding of the existing and rapidly expanding technologies that underpin our products. Our technical sales staff is trained on every technology we sell. Unlike most equipment providers, Optiview has fully staffed in-house technical engineers skilled in both the software and hardware components of all of our solutions. You reach our tier-3 technical help the first call, every call...in English...in the United States...in your time zone. We configure, build and rebuild our product in-house and provide live (in-person if you are local) warranty support. Optiview both attends and participates in industry trade shows to work with, procure from and curate its offering to be the state of the art of the industry.

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Optiview has a 25,000 square foot facility dedicated to providing logistics, technical support, customer service and sales to all of our clientele, nation wide.


We know that you need high quality, consistently reliable products at a good price. We back that mission with full time on-site technical support and an online Dealer Resources page. We know that your reputation depends on our ability to get you what you need, when you need it, at the right price.

All of our products come with a good return policy, 1 year warranty, and free in-house technical support. Following the warranty period we will continue to support and service our products at a low hourly rate. We provide technical support Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.

How to Become a Dealer or Reseller

Sign-up here to become a Dealer and see product pricing. In a hurry? Call us now at (904) 805-1581 to expedite the process. Complete contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.