Fisheye and Panoramic CCTV Security Cameras with 360° & 180° Views

180° Technology

Multi Sensor Panoramic Cameras

Get a full 180° panoramic view in 4K with Optiview’s Panoramic surveillance cameras. The multi-sensor panoramic cameras provide a seamless 180° view by stitching together (3) separate lenses into one image. Available in IP Network and HD-over-Coax, these cameras are ideal for installation on building exteriors to monitor parking areas, to mount to surveillance trailers for event surveillance, and much, much more.

360° Technology

Single Sensor Fisheye Cameras

Get a full 360° view in 4K with Optiview’s Fisheye surveillance cameras. Install a single-sensor fisheye camera on a ceiling for a complete 360° overview of an entire room or on a wall for a 180° field of view. Fisheye CCTV cameras eliminate blind spots and deliver high-quality images thanks to dewarping technology. Our HD-over-Coax or IP Fisheye cameras are ideal for placement in retail stores, hotels, schools, offices, warehouses, customer lobbies, in waiting room ceilings and more.


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