When it comes to relying on a machine to do its job, such as a vehicle, air conditioner or surveillance system, it is always a good idea to perform semi-annual maintenance on it to ensure it is in top working order and that it is secure and working as needed. There are several times a year that a system check should be performed.

Inclement Weather

Here in Florida, millions of people lost power due to Hurricane Irma. Millions of Texans and other people along the gulf coast were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Losing power in an incident such as this means that your DVR or NVR was down [abruptly] for an extended period of time so a system check should take place to ensure that the date & time are still correct, there are no hard drive errors and all surveillance cameras are functioning properly.


Hard Drive Errors Date & Time

Preparing for Daylight Savings Time

In most parts of the US we experience Daylight Savings time twice a year. In 2017 we "Spring Forward" on March 12 while we "Fall Back" on November 5th. Your embedded DVR or NVR can be preset to change automatically on those dates by following this guide: How to Set your DVR/NVR for Daylight Savings Time.

Upcoming Daylight Savings Time Dates

Spring Forward - March 11, 2018

Fall Back - November 4, 2018


Updating CCTV System Security

It is a good idea to practice preventative measures to ensure that your surveillance system is working when you need it by periodically changing the user names and passwords as well as the ports that it is connected to your network with. For more tips and details on how to strengthen your network security visit our Ensuring Network Security for your Surveillance System page.