Tribrid DVRs

Get Serious about your Surveillance with a Tribrid DVR

  • Up to 1080P Realtime & Playback
  • Up to 32 Channels
  • Easily upgrade to HD using HD-over-Coax cameras
  • Combine Analog, IP/Megapixel and HD-over-Coax on the same DVR
  • Get up to 48TB of Memory using Surveillance Hard Drives

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All Tribrid DVR options will accept standard Analog, IP/Megapixel and HD-over-Coax cameras on the same machine with no adapters needed. This cutting edge surveillance technology allows the user to either merge several smaller security systems into one machine or upgrade their existing system incrementally as cash flow allows.

HD-over-Coax Resources

One of the most common uses for the Tribrid DVR is to upgrade a surveillance system in increments from low quality analog to 720 or 1080P HD. Use the links below to discover what makes HD-over-Coax technology so special.

4 Megapixel DVRs
4 Megapixel / 1080P HD Tribrid DVRs by Optiview CCTV.
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