Specialized Applications - Parks and Wildlife

Weatherproof DVR and Camera Solutions for Parks & Wildlife Applications

No matter how small the city park or how large the National park, you need a system that will provide both the high quality coverage and support mass amounts of data recorded.

Weatherproof HD Cameras for Outdoor Applications

Weatherproof Fixed Bullet Cameras

By choosing weatherproof cameras such as the 2 Megapixel / 1080P HDCB21-36 or 4 Megapixel HDCB4M-28 fixed bullet camera for monitoring parks and wildlife, you are ensuring that your recording, when needed, is clear and retrievable.

There are many outdoor cameras to choose from, in resolution and style. Which model you need will be determined by the scope, budget and design decided upon.

Weatherproof DVR Enclosure for Outdoor Applications

Weatherproof Standalone Video Recording System

Choose a standalone high definition 4 channel Weatherproof DVR package that includes a NEMA rated outdoor enclosure, fan and thermostat for temperature control and a full featured H.264 compression DVR for extended recording times and faster network transmission. Each WPHD4A can support up to 4 cameras, and can be hung either flush* to a building or mounted to a pole.

* When using the universal mounting brackets (included), the box itself will be offset from the wall by almost an inch to allow for additional air circulation via the sunshade which comes standard with each box. A security lock/key also comes standard.

External Power Supply

You will need an external power supply for each of your cameras as well as for your weatherproof video recording system.

Design Scenarios:

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