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Multi-Site Remote Surveillance Solutions

Example of Multi-Site Security System Monitoring with Optiview


The days of scheduling secret trips, managing "windshield time" and trying to stay on top of multiple store or retail locations are over! You now have the option to either use the Optiview VMS on your computer or mobile applications on smart phones & tablets to remotely view, manage and operate surveillance cameras.

Optiview VMS

With remote multi-site viewing using the Optiview VMS (Video Management Software) you can view up to 2,048 cameras on 4 monitors at 64 channels each. Download the Spec Sheet.

This works by integrating your individual embedded DVRs, NVRs or IP cameras to a centrally based (i.e. your home office) PC loaded with the Optiview VMS. The Optiview VMS enables you to live view 64 channels in one screen, playback 36 channels and locally record up to 16 channels.

Download Now:

Access Anywhere using Mobile Applications

Download the mobile app for your DVRs and NVRs from either the Android or Apple stores to access your surveillance cameras any time from home, work or on the road. The "light" versions are free from the app stores while the more robust version of the apps have a small one time fee.

  • 24 / 7 Access from Mobile Devices
  • Watch Live or View Playback
  • Get Alerts
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Control PTZ Cameras
Optiview Mobile Lite - for Embedded DVRs and NVRs
Platform Lite Pro Manual
Android Smart Phone Download Download PDF
Android Tablet Download - N/A - PDF
iPhone Download Download PDF
iPad Download Download PDF
Blackberry Download - N/A - - N/A -
NDVR Client Mobile App
Platform Android iPad iPhone
App Download Download Download
Manual Download Download Download

Optiview's In House Technical Support

Our dedicated Technical Support team will go through the process, step by step, with you and aid in getting everything set up right, the first time. Our professional in-house team will then continue to provide top notch technical support. Need help designing or determining the schematics? Call us today!

What You Need for Remote Viewing:

HD Surveillance Cameras for Remote Monitoring

Security Cameras

Use any style and type of CCTV surveillance camera at your store locations from Analog, IP/Megapixel or HD-over-Coax (CVI/TVI/AHD).

DVR for Remote Site Video Recording


Each location's security cameras will connect to an on-site embedded DVR or NVR. Optiview offers Tribrid DVRs which will accept Analog, HD-over-Coax (CVI) or IP as well as 5-Way DVRs which will accept Analog / HD-CVI / TVI / AHD / IP. Keep in mind that if you have multiple recorders per site, each recorder will command its own IP address.

Monitor Security Cameras Remotely via the Internet

High Speed Internet

Each on site video recorder is connected to a cable modem and assigned an IP address via your internet provider (Verizon, Comcast, ATT U-Verse, etc.). The IP address is linked to your remote (i.e. home) location's modem and PC.

Optiview Camera and Video Monitoring Software for Remote Site Monitoring

Remote Viewing Software

Optiview's VMS is a powerhouse software that handles every single product offered by Optiview. This video management software allows for viewing up to 2,048 cameras and any combination of DVRs or NVRs from one central location.

Remotely Monitor Security System via Smart Phones and Tablets

Mobile Compatability

The remote viewing software is smart phone and tablet compatable for iOS and Android devices. These apps are perfect for viewing multiple sites with up to 16 cameras total but are limited by network bandwith and the internal phone or tablet processor. Visit our Mobile Application page for supported devices.

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