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Depending on the size and layout of the Marina, there are several solutions and designs that will ensure that the entire area is covered with minimal blind spots. Generically speaking, you'll need at least one of our NEMA4 Weatherproof systems and cameras with an IP rating of at least IP66, although an IP67 camera would be best.

The NEMA4 outdoor weatherproof enclosure is constructed of Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum and comes standard with a sun shade, mounting brackets and security lock/key. Inside the weatherproof enclosure will be your video recorder; Whether it is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) will depend on your camera and design choice (HD-over-Coax or IP going over fiber).

What You Need for a Marina setting:

HD Surveillance Cameras for Remote Monitoring

HD Cameras

By choosing high quality weatherproof HD cameras, such as a 1080P HD-over-Coax, 4MP HD-over-Coax or 4K / 8MP HD-over-Coax camera, you are ensuring both the security of your marina and the watercraft tied to the docks and slips and against grainy footage when recording needs to be reviewed. Optiview offers a wide variety of camera housing types to fit with the design of your facility.

High Definition PTZ Cameras for Marina

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras from Optiview now come in a sleeker housing and smaller size. We carry true PTZ cameras as well as compact PTZ cameras.

Siamese Cable (Coax w/Data)

Cable with both Power and Data, otherwise called "Siamese Cable" can be used with almost any camera carried by Optiview. The cable combines a video coaxial cable with 18/2 power wires (same professional PVC jacket) and an additional 24/2 pair that can be used for either audio or PTZ control.

Fiber Optic Cable

If you choose a design that uses fiber and fiber modems, you'll need to pick up some 62.5 micron multi-mode fiber as well as ST connections for each end of your fiber run. Check out our FAQs on Fiber here.

Fiber Modems

Choose your fiber modem based upon how many cameras you are running. Optiview offers 2, 4 and 8 channel fiber optic modems for HD-over-Coax surveillance systems.

AP58 Wireless Bridge

Optiview offers an AP58V2, a wireless outdoor access point, that can transmit data up to 1.5 miles using line of sight. The AP58 is sold in pairs that can be used either singly (1 transmits and 1 receives) or in tandem with additional transmitters. Line of sight and distance limitations still apply.

Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure

Any material, be it natural or man-made, naturally takes a heavier beating when next to large bodies of water such as lakes and oceans. Your latitude and local weather also matters in determining which outdoor weatherproof enclosure will be needed for your project. Optiview carries NEMA3 and NEMA4 rated weatherproof boxes for housing network PoE switches, fiber modems, power supplies and more. Contact us today to find out more about which will work best for your area.

DVR for Remote Site Video Recording

High Definition Video Recorder

At Optiview, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and best variety of solutions. That being said, we carry 12 types of video recording systems and 24 sizes. Call one of our experts today for more information on which video recorder will best complete your personalized solution.

Optiview Camera and Video Monitoring Software for Remote Site Monitoring

Remote Viewing Software

Optiview's VR Series CMS is a powerhouse software that handles every single product offered by Optiview. This CMS allows for viewing up to 256 cameras and any combination of DVRs or NVRs from one central location.

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Design Scenarios

Fixed Cameras w/Coax
Weatherproof DVR
Wireless Bridge
PC with Optiview CMS
PTZ Cameras w/Coax
Weatherproof Box with Fiber Modem
Fiber Optic Cable
DVR inside
Fixed Cameras w/Coax
Weatherproof DVR
Wireless Bridge
Hybrid DVR w/CMS
Fixed Cameras w/Coax
Weatherproof DVR
Wireless Bridge
PC with Optiview CMS
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