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Airport Security Camera Systems by Optiview

With more and more reports of stowaways, people and things bypassing security and the ever increasing number of people on airport property, it is important to have a fully integrated security system with a top of the line CMS program that can immediately access what you need.

Weatherproof HD Cameras for Airport Security Applications

Weatherproof High Definition Cameras

By choosing high quality weatherproof high definition cameras, such as the KCIAD602VS, you are ensuring both the security of your job site against weather-related camera failures and against fuzzy footage upon reviewing recordings. The KCIAD602VS is also vandal-resistant.

There are many styles and types of outdoor cameras that are available with multiple lens types: varifocal or fixed lenses and with up to 1080P (analog) or 2 MegaPixels (CVI/IP) in resolution. Camera styles vary as well (pan/tilt/zoom, bullet and dome).

Wireless Access Points for Secure Airport CCTV System

Wireless Access Points

The AP24 is perfectly suited to be installed in outdoor environments and exposed locations. With an external casing rate of IP55 it is hardy and can withstand rigorous weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind.

Place your transmitter and receiver up to 1.5 miles apart in distance, paired with a booster and encryption, and prepare to be able to remotely monitor the jobsite from the comfort of your office!

Find out more about the AP24 from Optiview.

Weatherproof DVR Systems for Airport Surveillance Systems

Weatherproof Video Recording System

For smaller sized (non-international) airports, we recommend a combination of 4 channel WPDVR4A, 8 channel WPDVR8A or 16 channel complete Weatherproof DVR System, the WPDVR16A to support up to 16 cameras.

See additional server options to learn how to get up to 40 terabytes for months or years of stored recordings that can be accessed at any time remotely.

The video recording system is housed in a weatherproof enclosure. These outdoor weatherproof enclosures are available with either a NEMA3 or NEMA4 rating and the need is determined by the environment around your oil field.

PC Based NVR for 32+ Camera Systems

Additional Servers

Depending on the airport or section size you may need larger servers to accommodate more cameras and longer record times. At Optiview we carry several different server sizes - speak with a Rep to learn which one is right for you and if you need one.

Find out more about theNVRSVR10 and other Video Recorder options from Optiview.

Free Optiview Camera Monitoring Software

Remote Viewing Software

Optiview's VR Series CMS is a powerhouse software that handles every single product offered by Optiview. This CMS allows for viewing up to 256 cameras and any combination of DVRs or NVRs from one central location.

Optiview Offers Full Integration

External Power Supply

You will need an external power supply for each of your cameras as well as for your weatherproof video recording system.

Design Scenarios:

Optiview CMS
AP24 & AP24-OMNI
Fixed Cameras
Varifocal Cameras
Weatherproof DVR Box
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