Optiview to Offer Complete Line of Network / IP Products

Jacksonville, FL - July 6, 2011

Optiview has announced that they will be adding a complete line of network / internet protocol (IP) cameras, video recorders, and accessories to their product line this summer.

IP cameras (aka “network cameras”) differ from standard analog cameras in several ways. IP cameras transmit their video signal via networking wire (Ethernet or CAT5 cable) as opposed to CCTV cable, so they are running on the same cable as your traditional computer network.

Optiview has offered some IP products in the past but the offering has been limited due to shortfalls in the technology. Some of the issues that have kept these products from mainstream use are issues with high bandwidth usage, compatibility with new and pre-existing products, and incomplete functionality. Recent advances in these technologies plus more reasonable pricing are making these products more viable for everyday use.

"We have a reputation at Optiview for providing great quality products that can stand up to everyday use – at a great price. This kind of quality and reliability in IP security was simply not offered at a reasonable price until recently,” says Dave Page, president of Optiview.

Optiview is in the final stages of specifying and testing their IP line of cameras and recorders. They hope to have the complete line available by the end of the summer.

"We have been constantly evaluating the network / IP products that are available and determining which ones will work well together and provide the best functionality at the best price,” says Page. “We do the leg work and the testing so our customers get the same quality and reliability that they have come to expect from Optiview.”

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