How To Use the Smart Search feature on Optiview Embedded DVR's & NVR's

Use our simple guide below to learn how to perform Smart Search on your Optiview DVR or NVR. Click on the thumbnail images for full size screen-shots.

Initiate Search

Select Search from the machine's Main Menu.

Go to the Day of the Event

Use the calendar (#3) to select the date you wish to perform a Smart Search on, otherwise known as the Event. Days marked in yellow have recorded video to view. Select single camera view (#4).

Note: You can only perform smart search within a 24 hour period.

Setting Up Smart Search

Click the Smart Search button (highlighted in red). Using the now showing grid and your mouse, select the area of the video you wish to specifically search for motion.

In this case, we're looking for motion around the door of the Optiview Tour Bus.


Once your search area has been selected, click the Smart Search button again to start searching from that moment. Video will continue searching until you click the Smart Search button again.

to start search.
to stop search.
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