How to Turn On or Change Motion Detect Settings

This tutorial shows you how to turn Motion Detection on.

For clarity, these screen shots were taken from the HDVR164M-T2 4 Megapixel 5-Way embedded DVR. Menus may change slightly on embedded NVR recorders.

Main Menu Navigation

1. Right click on the live screen, select "Main Menu" and log into your DVR.

2. Once the GUI interface is open, click on the "Storage" icon in the "Setting" sub-menu.

5-Way DVR GUI - Event Settings

Storage > Schedule

1. Using the menu on the left side of the GUI, make sure you are on the "Schedule" screen.

2. Make sure the "MD" box is checked.

3. Click the cog icon.

5-Way DVR GUI - Choose which Camera / Channel to Set Motion Detect for

MD Recording Schedule

1. Select the time frames you'd like recording to be triggered by Motion Detect using the Period 1 - 6 time frames on Sunday.

2. Select the days you would like to copy these settings to manually or select "All" at the bottom of the GUI.

3. Click "OK".

Note: In this instance our cameras are set to record ONLY when Motion Detect (MD) is triggered.

5-Way DVR GUI - Motion Detect Set Button

Apply & Save

Review the new schedule, click "Apply" and then "Save".

5-Way DVR GUI - Selecting Motion Detection Zones

Last Check

1. Have somebody walk in front of the camera for testing.

2. Perform a "Search" to ensure that Motion Detect is being tagged in yellow (recording).

5-Way DVR GUI - Selecting Motion Detection Zones
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