HD-over-Coax Cameras

Experience the Difference with HD-over-Coax

Experience the clarity of high definition over existing coaxial infrastructure with HD-over-Coax! Visit our HD-over-Coax FAQ or experience the difference yourself between standard analog security technology and HD-over-Coax technology.

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Our HD-over-Coax security cameras range between 1.0 Megapixel / 720P HD to 4 Megapixel HD.

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HD-over-Coax Dome Cameras
HD-over-Coax dome cameras recording at 720p or 1080p for use with new or existing coaxial infrastructure.
HD-over-Coax PTZ Cameras
HD-over-Coax PTZ cameras that can send video, data and audio over coaxial cable!
Hidden Cameras
Add a hidden camera to your surveillance system. All HD-over-Coax hidden cameras by Optiview are Analog / HD switchable with 700TVL analog resolution and 1080P / 2 megapixel HD resolution.
View All HD-over-Coax Cameras by Optiview
View all HD-over-Coax cameras by Optiview for use with HD-over-Coax or Tribrid DVRs.
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