HD-over-Coax Cameras

Experience the Difference with HD-over-Coax

Experience the clarity of high definition over existing coaxial infrastructure with HD-over-Coax! Visit our HD-over-Coax FAQ or experience the difference yourself between standard analog security technology and HD-over-Coax technology.

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Our HD-over-Coax security cameras range between 1.0 Megapixel / 720P HD to 4 Megapixel HD.

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HD-over-Coax Dome Cameras
Choose from armor ball (turret style) or enclosed armor domes depending on your application. Armor balls and domes from Optiview are available in resolutions from 720P to 4K / 8 Megapixel.
HD-CVI Bullet Cameras from Optiview
Choose between small fixed lens to varifocal lens bullet cameras. Optiview carries HD-CVI bullet cameras that range in 720P resolution to 4K / 8 Megapixel.
HD-CVI C-Mount or Box Style Cameras from Optiview
Starlight, Analog / HD-CVI switchable c-mount, or "box", style cameras are available from Optiview with a variety of lenses to choose from. Brackets and housings are also available.
HD-CVI Hidden and Covert Cameras by Optiview
Add a hidden camera to your surveillance system. All HD-over-Coax hidden cameras by Optiview are Analog / HD switchable with 700TVL analog resolution and 1080P / 2 megapixel HD resolution.
HD-over-Coax PTZ Cameras
HD-over-Coax PTZ cameras that can send video, data and audio over coaxial cable!
Specialized HD-CVI Cameras from Optiview
Select from our array of Fisheye, Starlight, License Plate cameras and more.
View All HD-over-Coax Cameras by Optiview
View all HD-over-Coax cameras by Optiview for use with HD-over-Coax, Tribrid DVRs or 5-Way DVRs.
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